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September is a pricey month for couples getting married, as it is one of the most popular months for weddings. The Knot reports that 43% of weddings in 2022 occurred between September and November, with an average cost of $30,000. Additionally, inflation is a concern that can further increase expenses. However, there are ways to plan a memorable and meaningful wedding without overspending. Here are some suggestions.

Budget Thoughtfully

When planning your wedding budget, consider your priorities and allocate the majority of your funds towards the elements that matter the most to you. Whether it’s a stunning cake, a picturesque venue, or a highly sought-after photographer, think carefully about what holds the greatest significance and allocate your financial resources accordingly. By concentrating on what matters most, you can make wise choices and prevent excessive spending on less vital aspects.

Opt for Off-Peak

Although it may be tempting to celebrate during the warmer months when outdoor venues are available, choosing a wedding date during the off-peak season or on a weekday can lead to substantial savings. During less popular times, venues and vendors often provide discounts, enabling you to make the most out of your budget. Additionally, colder months present numerous opportunities for creative and aesthetically pleasing themes, such as a winter wonderland.

Make it an Intimate Affair

If you want to keep your wedding small, it can greatly affect your budget, especially when it comes to catering for the reception. If you prioritize having a small wedding, consider carefully choosing who gets a plus-one invitation, and limit the number of casual acquaintances who can attend. Additionally, you can plan separate events like a small dinner or party after the wedding to celebrate with extended friends and family.

Consider Non-Traditional Venues

When it comes to wedding planning, it is essential to explore various venues as they can be one of the major expenses. Resorts, hotels, and event halls tend to be expensive, particularly in downtown areas. Consider unconventional locations like public parks, beaches, libraries, local lodges, or even a friend or family member’s backyard. These alternatives can be more budget-friendly while still providing a memorable setting for your special day.

DIY Decor

You don’t need to be a dedicated Pinterest planner or crafter to engage in DIY wedding decorations. Numerous online How-Tos and YouTube tutorials exist to guide you through crafting uncomplicated floral arrangements, table centerpieces, and signage. You can also involve your enthusiastic friends and family in the assembly process, and show gratitude for their assistance by mentioning them in the wedding speech or program, or by presenting them with a small gift bag.

Go Minimalist on the Cake

To cut down on costs while still offering cake at the wedding reception, consider opting for a minimalist design that prioritizes the cake’s flavor and quality over extravagant customizations. Additionally, explore creative alternatives such as donuts, a candy buffet, or a milk and cookie bar to delight your guests with sweet treats.

Rent Attire

Consider checking out nearby bridal consignment boutiques or online platforms to find high-quality second-hand wedding dresses, suits, and wedding party accessories. If you’re open to the idea, renting attire and wedding supplies is becoming increasingly popular as a budget-friendly (and environmentally conscious) option instead of purchasing everything brand new.

Select In-Season Flowers

To cut down on your floral expenses, opt for flowers that are currently in season. Consult with local florists to find the best seasonal options that align with your theme and color scheme. If fresh flowers are not a top priority, you may want to explore alternatives like greenery, candles, or even paper or silk flowers, which can be purchased in bulk at a more affordable price.

DIY Music and Entertainment

It doesn’t have to be expensive to have a memorable playlist for your wedding day. By creating your own playlist and renting sound equipment, you can save money on hiring a DJ or band. Additionally, consider inviting musically talented friends or family members to perform. If you do decide to hire someone, you may find affordable price packages from solo performers or aspiring musicians at local college music programs.

Cater Creatively

Feeding your guests is often the largest wedding expense so get creative with dining options if you’re looking to save big. Family-style potlucks aren’t your only possibility here—you might also consider a dessert reception, food trucks which can offer festive and distinctly local flavor to your wedding or lunch or brunch options which traditionally cost less than dinner catering.

Celebratory wedding traditions look different for everyone, but there are always creative ways to save. If you’re planning a wedding and putting expenses on a credit card without a pay-off plan, let’s make a plan together. Our certified counselors can determine how you might make space in your household budget for wedding expenses—give us a ring!

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