5472eb05eeebe3ad29b4831868959e33 - Embrace Change: 5 Year-Round Ways to Showcase Your PRIDE
GreenPath Team

1. Donate to organizations.

There are numerous LGBTQ+ nonprofits and organizations to support not only during June but throughout the year. Even if you are currently on a tight budget, consider bookmarking this link and revisiting the resource in the future. These organizations advocate for LGBTQ+ rights and promote fair and equitable policy in public and private sectors. Donations, no matter how small, make a significant impact on those affected by recent legislative changes. Every contribution sustains these organizations and their mission, and even a small one-time or automatic deposit is greatly appreciated.

2. Shop at LGBTQ+-owned businesses.

If you are unable to donate financially, consider supporting LGBTQ+ businesses through your everyday purchases. Shopping at these establishments, such as shops, restaurants, and cafes, is an effective way to promote economic empowerment within your community. Make these businesses your go-to choices when buying goods or services. Unsure of where to find LGBTQ+-owned businesses? Yelp listings often include an “LGBTQ-owned” search modifier, and you can also connect with your local chamber of commerce or the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce for a useful statewide map.

3. Make Pride purchases count.

Many businesses and brands have product partnerships with LGBTQ+ groups, offering a range of merchandise from clothing to beauty products to watches. It’s important to be mindful that not all retailers selling Pride-centric merchandise are actively contributing to LGBTQ+ causes. Take the time to research and ensure that your purchases are supporting the mission beyond just the visual representation. This may involve reading a company’s mission page or making direct inquiries to understand how your dollars are making a broader impact.

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