0a748d2dc2e04499d72862d93bb050f2 - Recorded Webinar: A Comprehensive Guide to Student Loan Forgiveness – Essential Information and Actions

After 2 ½ years of federal student loans being on pause, recent announcements of relief, including loan forgiveness, mean there is a lot of new information to navigate. Join FinanceMaster Financial Wellness for clarity on the current status of federal student loans and what you need to do now.

You will walk away with clear next steps to take advantage of relief programs you may be eligible for and to prepare for payments to resume in early 2023. You will also learn how to recognize and avoid scams related to student loan relief.

What You Will Learn

  • Steps to receive the recently announced student loan forgiveness
  • Details about the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program/limited PSLF waiver
  • How the Fresh Start program can help you resolve defaulted student loans

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